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A new test module – integrated in the offer modeling environment – ensures offers are consistent before deployment

Toulouse, France and Chicago, Ilinois, USA, September the 22nd, 2010

Cameleon Software (PAR:CAM), the global leader in product design, sales configuration, quotes, and proposals software, announces that the newest version of its namesake solution is now available.
The main improvement in this version of Cameleon is the availability of a test and validation module for configuration models. During the modeling phase, business users can build models, then they can validate them by automatically running test campaigns they will have already created themselves.

When models change, business users will be able to run new test campaigns to ensure that the changes had no negative impact. Finally this module also enables users to perform scalability tests to evaluate the behavior of the models in close to real life situations.

Cameleon’s updated solution also focuses on enhancing the user experience. Additional features include:
• A more intuitive “look and feel” user interface: new design, colors, and buttons
• Technical records to generate information automatically
• New navigation functions with the creation of an automatic navigation history and the usage of a “Favorites” tab

“Testing is a very important step before launching a new offering to the market. Not performing a test phase is very risky venture, and unfortunately it’s often too late when companies discover how detrimental is has been to skip this step. We are very glad to make available this new module. Furthermore we are delighted to continue to be at the forefront of innovation regarding CPQ (Configure/Price/Quote) solutions,” explained Sylvie Rougé, VP Product Marketing of Cameleon Software.

“Currently, the ability to industrialize the creation or modification of product and service offers is of major importance to companies. Offers must be launched faster, more often, and are more complex because they are a hybrid mix of products and services. To address this challenge, Cameleon’s new module becomes a real advantage to companies determined to rapidly launch a reliable offer the first time,” concludes Jacques Soumeillan, CEO of Cameleon Software.
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