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SaaS vs. On Premises: It's Your Choice!

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 SaaS vs. On Premises: It's Your Choice!

Recently, Marc Benioff, CEO of, was in Paris promoting his triumphant vision of the “Cloud” as king, and “On Premises” software slowing fading out of the picture.The firm’s tremendous success is already proof of Benioff’s vision.

Furthermore, a recent study* conducted by Gartner revealed that while in 2007 a mere 2% of their customers chose to purchase a “SaaS” model, this jumped to 30% just three years later.

With more CIOs becoming intrigued by the advantages that "SaaS" offers, such as lower cost of entry and predictability, and ease of implementation and upgrades, more CIOs are being won over by its amazing capabilities.

But what does this mean for the “On Premises” model, and will it disappear?
Interestingly enough, in this same research conducted by Gartner, it is also highlighted that while they anticipate 50% of IT organizations will go for the "SaaS" model by 2015, they still believe the other 50% will stick to the traditional perpetual model, and recommend that clients evaluate their long-term total cost of ownership of "SaaS", versus a perpetual model when making their purchasing decisions.

I’m personally very much in line with this vision, and it is worth noting that while Cameleon has been a pioneer and a strong supporter of the Cloud, we have also continued to offer an “On Premises” version of our solution.

There are three main reasons for this:

  • First, it is our vision that the client should have the ability to choose which IT model best fits their organization.
  • Second, it’s our philosophy to offer our clients the opportunity to switch from one model to another, if your IT strategy should ever change.
  • Finally, our experience has shown us that what seems cheaper and easier today is not always what is really cheaper and easier in the long term.

To your success,

Jacques Soumeillan, President & CEO.

* SaaS Continues to Grow in the IT Service Desk Market, David M. Coyle, March 29, 2011.