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CPQ Briefs

Cameleon is the first product configurator native for ipad/iphone

Make the Case for CPQ at Your Company with Our Executive Briefs.

Executive Briefing Mobile CPQ

Mobile CPQ: A New Way to Deliver Best-in-Class Customer Experience

Companies are not only challenged to boost sales and marketing effectiveness in an increasingly “anytime, anywhere” environment; customer satisfaction is also priority. And as a result, companies are looking for new solutions to enable their sales teams to be more effective and deliver best-in-class buying experiences.


Executive Briefing Mass Customization

CPQ and Mass Customization: Serving Specific Needs at Competitive Prices

Business calls mass customization “the ultimate stage in market segmentation where every customer can have exactly what he or she wants.” As product and service options have grown increasingly complex – sometimes with literally billions of variations available for a given offering – many companies are finding traditional price quote and bundling capabilities ill equipped in the face of today’s breakneck market speeds.


Executive Briefing Ecommerce

CPQ Solutions Seamlessly Integrate eCommerce into Multichannel Sales

It is undeniable that the fastest growing sales channel for any product or service these days is the Internet. Today, few, if any, industries can ignore eCommerce. And if they do, it is at their peril. Organizations failing to offer online sales often lose out to competitors.


Executive Briefing Multichannel Selling

Making Sales Successful Across all Channels

Multichannel selling provides major advantages for businesses that leverage it well. But, engaging in multichannel selling brings significant challenges as well. And, if handled poorly, these challenges easily can tank any prospective benefits.