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CPQ for Telecommunications & Technology Industry

Cameleon is the first product configurator native for ipad/iphone

“A tight and seamless integration with this CRM was one of our top requirements. Another key element of our decision was the ability of the solution to handle hundreds of offers combined with multiple currencies and pricing structures.”

Jay Newman, Senior Vice President of Sales – PEER 1 Hosting

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For Faster Time-to-Market, Cameleon Is the Right Call for Telecom and HighTech Companies

If you’d like to measure time-to-market of new offerings in days or weeks instead of months or years, it’s time to make the move to Cameleon. Our rapid-response solutions enable business teams to optimize the design, development, deployment and management of offer components, pricing plans and bundles.

Our innovative Process Based ModelingTM approach makes it possible to move the modeling process from a back-office, IT-dependent activity to one that’s driven by business users across a variety of sales and marketing channels.

Manage Complexity More Simply

Cameleon’s sales configurator manages an infinite number of complex rules and product relationships that generate different offers and pricing according to each user’s profile.

A unique repository contains all the versions of the products, languages, currencies and sales scenarios for each channel, including online call centers, field sales, partners (B2B), customers (B2C) or mixed models (B2B2C).

Improve Online Acquisition

Cameleon’s proven guided selling tool provides enterprise-class performance and scalability for effective online engagement. An interactive script guides customers to the right products and services, while alerting them to current promotions and cross-sell opportunities.

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